Pistachio Shelling Line with Production Up to 400 kg/h


Our line of shelling and cracking pistachio machinery is a group of machines designed to crack open pistachios with closed or open shells (stained or not) and separate the shell from the whole or broken pulp. With our shelling system, you can obtain up to 40% of the grain, depending on the product to be spelled, the operator's expertise, and other uncontrollable variables.

Composed of a hopper for receiving and vibratory feeding, a paddle elevator, one or two spelling heads, vibrators, primary pneumatic separators, vibrating screens with sieves to separate shell remnants, elevated structure with access staircase, slip-resistant floor, perimeter railing, electrical panel with speed variators, and complementary sets of sieves, our equipment maximizes efficiency in your spelling and cracking pistachio processes.

Available models:

LP-001 Single Head: Approximate production capacity of 200 kg/h

LP-002 Double Head: Approximate production capacity of 400 kg/h

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