Bell Pepper Canning Processing Line 5,000 kg/h


Our advanced machinery for bell pepper processing streamlines the entire production process, from receiving fresh bell peppers to canning and final palletizing. With its flexible, modular design, it can be customized to meet the specific requirements of each customer and optimize resource and space utilization. The result is a highly efficient and effective production line that delivers high-quality canned bell peppers.

Phases of the line

  • Primary reception, transport and inspection.
  • Rinsing and washing.
  • Chemical peeling.
  • Primary rotation washing.
  • Inspection and de-stalking.
  • Secondary rotation washing.
  • Blanching
  • Draining.
  • De-palletizing and feeding of empty cans.
  • Canning.
  • Capping.
  • Pasteurizing.
  • Palletizing.

Production Capacity

Up to 5.000 per hour. This will depends on operation management, waste evacuation, and other factors.

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